Sunday Share 6.26.16

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Week In Review 6.19.16 – 6.25.16

Last week was weird since I wasn’t scheduled that many hours at work, which is due partly to that fact that I requested Thursday and Friday off. But still. It was nice. I mean, it’s sad knowing that my paycheck is going to be a bit smaller than what it has been lately, but honestly I was happy to discover that I wouldn’t be slaving away  working as much so I could dedicate my time to other things. Like sleep and get writer’s block apparently.

I also got to hang out with my roommate from college on Monday, and I was so glad to catch up with her (we talked for like three hours straight). We are roommate goals. We are roommate goals and we aren’t even roommates anymore. We met up at the mall which was an awful idea since we are both basically poor, but I somehow didn’t spend any money there. Which is awesome yet heartbreaking.

In a ~ shocking ~ turn of events, I actually did enough somewhat interesting stuff lately where I’m going to write a whole blog post dedicated to covering what I did this weekend. I mostly want to show all the pictures I took Snapchat-style. But that post should be published tomorrow because I know you care.

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Life In General 

Adulting 101: Fake It ‘Til You Make It via The Acquired Sass

Me being an adult is the biggest joke. I love the tips in this post, and I know from experience that doing these things really does make me feel better!

Even When You Do Everything Right… via My Healthyish Life

Really appreciated the honesty in this post and I could definitely relate.


Overwhelmed By ‘Brexit’? Here Are The Basics via The New York Times

The UK’s EU Referendum: All You Need To Know via BBC

Why The U.S. Is Freaked Out About Brexit via CNN

Okay there’s like a billion articles out there regarding Brexit and I’ve read at least a dozen by now, but I wanted to include a couple on here because it’s important. 

Pentagon To Repeal Ban On Transgender Troops via Huffington Post


Body Love 

3 Tips For Finding Freedom Orthorexia via Maddy Moon

I was never formally diagnosed with orthorexia, but I definitely dealt with characteristics of it when I was deeply struggling with my eating disorder. Favorite quote: “Also it’s important to note that mental health is an important part of overall health. I think we can all agree that being terrified of eating a brownie, having to carry food with you everywhere, and experiencing severe anxiety over eating out is not mentally healthy.”


The Prettiest Cities In Europe via World Of Wanderlust

I WANT TO GO TO ALL THESE PLACES, DAMMIT. Many of these locations unsurprisingly have been on my list for awhile now – Venice, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Zurich, Switerland; Paris, France… and it looks like I’m gonna have to add a few more.


How Much Are You Just Like Your Mom? via Buzzfeed

I am “learning from the master.” Some of the items on this list are just straight up UNCANNY.

Literally Just A Bunch Of “Game Of Thrones” Season 6 Memes via Buzzfeed

Because I’m literally obsessed with this show. #12 is pure gold.

The Best Trader Joe’s Snacks. Period. via Refinery29

Tears were shed while looking through this slideshow. I want it all.

40 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Proved That They Literally Are Relationship Goals via Thought Catalog

Perfect couple being perfect.

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