Sophomore Year So Far


It feels like it has been forever since I’ve done anything with the blog. And even though it would have been nice to have kept this blog active recently, I refuse to feel guilty about it. Life happens.

My life has gone through an incredible amount of changes in the last two weeks. So much in fact that I even had to double-check my calendar to confirm that yes, it’s only been two weeks. 

I went from living at home all summer to living in an on-campus apartment. My first taste of apartment living! Though it isn’t much, I love the extra space and perks that comes with having an apartment compared to just living in the dorms. I live with two other girls – one shares a room with me, and the other is an RA so she has a room to herself. Though I haven’t lived with either of them before this year, I think we have a good dynamic going and have struck the perfect balance between hanging out as a group and giving each other alone time.

unnamed (1).jpg

My classes are much different than they were last year, but I expected that. Last year, when I was intending on majoring in Human Biology, my classes centered around science and math. This year, however, I’m following my heart by pursuing English, and am pairing that with a Communication minor. That being said, I’m taking two English courses and three Communication ones. One of the Communication classes I have to take to complete my minor is Fundamentals of Public Address, which is where you basically give long speeches in front of the class on a regular basis. Public speaking has always been a great fear of mine, and I’m hoping this class helps me gain more confidence in this area. I already had my first speech and got a good grade, so hopefully I’m able to keep it up!  Also, all of my classes are relatively small – I think my biggest class is around 40 people. Last year, I often found myself in huge lecture pits with 120-200+ other students. My classes feel more intimate now, which I must admit, I wasn’t a big fan of at first. But I’m slowly starting to realize that I feel more comfortable participating in class with fewer eyes trained on me, which is definitely a good thing.


The beginning of this school year has been so much better than last year. Last September wasn’t awful, but it sure wasn’t the greatest. As a freshman, everything was overwhelming and confusing. I felt like I was walking through life in a haze. I was so stressed out over both meeting and keeping new friends, adjusting to not only living away from home but also sharing a room with a virtual stranger, and trying to figure out how I wanted others to view me, that I lost sight of who I really am and what my goals were. I stopped reading books and writing. I stopped exercising. I started binge-eating. A part of me stopped working and instead began consumed by stress. It wasn’t until Spring semester that I finally hit a stride when it came to balancing school work, obligations to friends and family, exercising, and self-care.

This September, however, the transition was seamless. It took a few days to get used to living in the apartment with my roommates, but after that initial period it’s felt nothing but natural. I’ve been completing my school work in a timely fashion, spending time with friends, have an exercise routine in place, and found the time to finish two books. And I’m writing this blog post right now! I just feel very content. Yes, school is definitely stressful, but it’s a good type a stress – a stress that makes me feel like I have goals and a purpose.



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