Hi! My name is Alicia, and I’m 19 years old. Wisconsin is the place I call my home. I’m a sophomore in college, and currently intend on majoring in English, with an emphasis in both literature and creative writing, as well as completing a minor in Communication.

This blog isn’t meant to fit neatly into one category. I named this blog Wander The Mountains for several reasons, but the main one is to recognize the importance of exploring many different things and to always be looking for the next adventure – to wander the mountains of life, so to speak. That got deep.

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What I LOVE = reading, writing, black leggings, coffee with too much creamer, exercising, talking to my mom, exploring new places, pizza, hiking, my bed …

What I HATE = inequality, math, humidity, talking on the phone, bad drivers, white chocolate, group projects, the color yellow, how quickly avocados go bad, sweating …


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